23 Aug 2012

Hail Damage in Chandler, Indiana!

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On Thursday, August 9, 2012, we experienced torrential rains and hail in Chandler, Indiana. Many properties were damaged with golf ball sized hail. Siding on homes and roofs looked as though a machine gun and pelted the structures.

Owning several properties in Chandler, both commercial and residential, our structures were also hit hard.

If you are looking for a licensed building contractor to assist you with retrieving your claim with your insurance adjusters and fixing your property, we would love to help you. Honestly, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with certain insurance companies and adjusters. I’ve experienced it both personally and professionally as an liaison for my customers.

Don’t wait to get this resolved. You MUST move quickly. And as always, we encourage you to hire locally. Hiring locally puts money back into OUR community by employment, rent, shopping and so forth.

More information about this storm can be found here.